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A notary public is a state officer and pubic official whose designated acts are essential to the smooth running of our administrative and legal operations. Fingerprinting is often used by notaries when acknowledging that a person has proved his or her identity. Fingerprint impressions taken by a Notary Public are often required for legal documents, background checks, and employment purposes.

Mobile notaries are notaries public who travel to perform their duties, often including the taking of fingerprints. Many notaries have been trained by expert law enforcement fingerprinters and have received certification from the state or county they serve in. Mobile Notaries handle your fingerprinting needs at the place and time of your convenience.

Live scan fingerprinting is the process of taking fingerprints digitally on a computer without using ink. The digitized prints are transmitted to the appropriate government agency and a criminal background check is completed. It has modernized the science of taking fingerprints. The automated Live Scan Fingerprinting process can be completed within 72 hours.